3 Tips for keeping steady time in rock music

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Rock music thrives on its pulsating rhythm, and as a drummer, your ability to maintain a consistent tempo is crucial for delivering a captivating performance. In this article, we’ll delve into three essential tips to help you keep impeccable time in the world of rock music. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, these techniques will keep your rhythm tight and your beats on point.

1. Harness Precision with a Metronome App

When it comes to mastering timing and precision, there’s no better tool in a drummer’s arsenal than a reliable metronome app. A metronome app serves as your constant guide, offering an unwavering beat to synchronize your drumming with. It’s like having a virtual drumming coach that never misses a beat.

Metronome apps come in various forms, from metronome online tools to dedicated metronome apps for your smartphone or tablet. These apps offer a range of features, including customizable metronome beats, the ability to set specific tempos like metronome 60 bpm, and even a metronome tap function for setting the tempo with a simple tap of your finger.

Drumap’s Metronome App: Speaking of metronome apps, Drumap takes it to the next level by offering a comprehensive metronome tool as part of its multifaceted music-making package. Drumap isn’t just a metronome app; it’s a Grammy Academy-awarded app.

Drumap’s intuitive music score creator is fantastic for composing percussive music across a spectrum of genres, including Samba groups, Marching Bands Drumlines, and various drum grooves. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get your feet wet or an experienced musician seeking inspiration, Drumap provides a user-friendly platform.

Aspiring to greatness on the drums? Join Drumap app, with a vast library boasting more than 150 thousand drum samples and percussive rhythms, Drumap is a simple and intuitive app where drummers create, share, and learn drum beats and rhythms.

2. Internalize the Beat: Feel the Rhythm

While metronome practice is paramount for developing a solid sense of time, it’s equally important to internalize the beat. To truly groove in rock music, you must feel the rhythm coursing through your veins. This means immersing yourself in rock music, listening attentively, and connecting with the drumming on a visceral level.

Take time to dissect the drumming in your favorite rock songs. Pay close attention to how the drummer melds seamlessly with the music’s heartbeat. The objective is to synchronize your drumming with the pulse of the music, not just the metronome’s clicks.

rockband playing on stage, showing musicians playing a drumset and a guitar

3. Stability Through Rhythmic Anchors

In the realm of rock music, certain rhythmic anchors serve as the bedrock of a song’s rhythm, providing stability and consistency. These anchors can manifest as recurring drum patterns, accents, or fills that define the essence of a track. Identifying and emphasizing these rhythmic anchors will ensure that your performance remains steadfast and gripping.

Experiment with different drum patterns that are quintessential to the rock genre. This might involve variations of the classic rock beat, featuring impactful fills and accents at strategic junctures. By doing so, you’ll craft memorable rhythmic hooks that not only enhance your performance but also enrapture your audience.

In conclusion, achieving impeccable timekeeping in rock music demands a blend of metronome practice, internalization of the beat, and the adept use of rhythmic anchors. Drumap, with its versatile metronome app and a rich repository of drum samples and percussive rhythms, equips you with the tools to elevate your drumming prowess.

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Get expert tips on coordination, drumming techniques, improvisation and more in the post titled “Charting Your Drumming Journey”. / Written by: Raul Rodrigues: CEO of Drumap, Drummer, Music School Director and Mariano Steimberg: Drum Professor at Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus.

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