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Are you interested in learning to play the drums? We have the best coach to help you:

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Mariano Steimberg
Professional drummer and percussion professor at Berklee College of Music
Sponsored by Zildjian, Vic Firth, Canopus, and Remo

“This tool will be a game-changer for both students and teachers
Music education has changed a lot in the past years. And the relationship between teacher and student can now find a third part as extra motivation for the daily practice routines. ”

Are you interested in learning drums?

We have the best coach to help you

1. Easy and fun drum lessons

You do a fun and easy-to-follow practice where you can record, listen to your self and get feedback.
Drum Coach will pick the right drum exercise from a variety of drum methods, including the drummer’s time-playing function, drumstick control, drum soloing, percussion patterns, drum timing and more. 

For example, while a beginner will get a simple paradiddle or four strokes drum exercise, a professional musician will get complex drum rudiments with flams, drags, and rolls.

Learn how to play drums with Drum Coach app, with drumming exercises for all drumming levels

2. Customize your drum practice

 Set your preferences in your music app. This includes setting your percussion practice goal, your level (from amateur to professional drummer), and the duration of the practice.
Drum Coach will automatically create and prepare your daily workout and interactive drum exercises based on your preferences, including tempo and configurable metronome speed.

Set your preferences in your Drum Coach music app. This includes setting your percussion practice goal, your level beginner of advanced drummer

3. Track your learning progress

Use the drum recorder function to save your practice sessions along with your drum notes or scores, and your percussion practice speed data. The more you practice, the more precise the Drum Coach will be with the recommendations and feedbacks.  

Easy and fun drum lessons with our Drum Coach app

What our users are saying

Our Drum Coach app is acclaimed by drummers at all levels for its innovative approach to drum lessons. It’s a modern platform for learning drums, from basic rhythms to advanced drum rudiments. See what our users have to say:

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I try to use this app every day to improve my drumming skills, I can confirm it works very well.
Easy to use
David F.
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I've been testing the app since April 23, they have made many improvements and the application is getting better and better everyday. I really feel I'm improving my skills thanks to the app. If you are a drummer and you are looking for an easy way improve your skills every day, this is your app, download, install and play.
Helpful tool!!
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Really helpful tool!! Made my practice much much easier.
Keeps me motivated
Filipe B
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So far, it has been very useful. I don't have much time and an unpredictable schedule, so drum lessons are almost impossible. With this app, I am able to make real progress and it keeps me motivated.
Friendly and intuitive
Or Anglister
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Excellent drum lessons, very nice app, friendly and intuitive. If you want to learn drum from scratch this can really help to get you going.
Monique A.
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Great way to have fun drum lessons. Easy and accessible.
Talia C.
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What a great discovery. Drum lessons with Drum Coach are easy to follow, in addition to having very well explained small videos that are very effective in improving my drumming skills.
Excellent app!!
Marco A.
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I liked the simplicity of use and I think recording yourself is great to see your progress! I also hope that in the future they could translate the entire app into Spanish. One of the best apps for drum lessons in recent times.
Great app!
Koby B.
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Best way to get effective drum lessons, and become a pro in notime!!
Love it!
S. N.
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Really cool app. Feels like I've already learned a lot by just a few minutes.
Riccardo P.
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As incredibile as it may sound... I am learning!


A: Drum Coach is a modern percussion practice app that offers daily interactive drum exercises with video, drum notes record, and audio guidance. The fun drums app for music enthusiasts is designed to make practicing easy to follow, to help users stay motivated and improve their drumming skills.

A: The exercises in Drum Coach were created by Mariano Steimberg, an experienced drummer and professor at Berklee College of Music.

A: The exercises in Drum Coach include drum rudiments, drum speed, drum independence, drum coordination, rhythm training, drum endurance, drum stick control, and drum rhythms and patterns.

A: Yes, Drum Coach is suitable for drummers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. The app offers customizable practice routines and progress tracking, so users can set their own goals and track their progress.

A: Yes, you can record your practice sessions in Drum Coach, and listen to yourself and get feedback.

A: Drum Coach helps you to create a daily habit of practicing drums by automatically creating and preparing your daily drum lessons based on your preferences. It also helps you to keep track of your progress by saving all your practice sessions with your recordings, notes, and speed.

A: You can try Drum Coach at no cost either by participating in a free trial or using our free demo sessions. If you like the app and want to access all the 500+ drum lessons, you will need to subscribe on a yearly or monthly basis. The prices may vary depending on the country you are in.


For any other doubts or feadbacks, please contact us at hi@drumap.com 
Drum Coach is created by the Drumap team. If you still don’t know the Drumap app, go ahead and check it out. There you will find thousands of drum scores for different rhythms like samba, rock, jazz, malinke, and more. If you are a percussionist or drummer, you definitely should check it out. 

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