Behind the scenes 🎭🪘


We are a small team of musicians and tech geeks spread around the world.

Raul R.

Gilad G.

Artur P.

Why we do what we do

Our vision is to make music playing available for all. Everyone should feel the pleasure of playing an instrument.
It is fantastic that today, knowledge is so accessible to most parts of society. However, there are two important aspects that we want to improve:

  1. Make it inclusive and diverse
    We believe music is made by individuals, small groups, and minorities. We created Drumap App so that everyone could have a voice in the global music library. For that to be possible, we made an easy-to-use tool, that doesn’t really need musical theory knowledge to create music. 
  2. Make it modern
    The music education industry is pretty slow on innovation and can’t keep up with how people are consuming content today. We create Drum Coach to change that and modernize the experience of practicing music.

Let’s join forces

We are always looking for inspiring people to join forces. If you are a musician, tech geek, marketer, teacher, competitor or just a person that wants to truely help drummers, please talk to us here: