How to play Samba on Drum-set: Advanced Techniques

Musician playing a big Drumset display on stage

Today’s focus is on understanding how to play Samba on a drum-set at an advanced level. The art of playing Samba on the drum-set embodies the intricate fusion of a multitude of percussive instruments adapted for a single drum-set.

How to play Samba on Drum-set: Variations

drummer with drumming sticks just about to play a drumset in his home studio

Hello once again, rhythmic enthusiasts! It’s Pedrinho Augusto, and now we’re venturing further into the mesmerizing realm of Samba music, specifically focusing on how to play Samba on a drum set. Remember, when you play Samba on the drum set, it’s not just about rhythm—it’s a reflection of Brazil’s opulent Batucada tradition, consolidating an array […]

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How to play Samba on Drum set: Getting Started

drummer with drumming sticks just about to play a drumset in his home studio.

Samba is a vibrant cultural manifestation deeply rooted in the Brazilian nation. When you play Samba on a drum kit, you’re channeling the heartbeat of celebrations, gatherings, and the lifestyle of a great part of the Brazilian population.

3 Tips for keeping steady time in rock music

Female drummer playing drumset after performance. Following drumap app

Rock music thrives on its pulsating rhythm, and as a drummer, your ability to maintain a consistent tempo is crucial for delivering a captivating performance. In this article, we’ll delve into three essential tips to help you keep impeccable time in the world of rock music. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, these […]