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What we think about investments

At Drumap’s recipe, we mix ambition with sustainability

  1. Ambition
    We want to create a real impact in the music industry and ambition is crucial. We chose a big challenge to win, the industry is slow and musicians aren’t big consumers, and this motivates us. We will change how people learn music (dot).
  2. Sustainability
    Business-wise, we focus on revenue. We are building a company that pays its bills and only uses capital increase with specific growth or development goals. We won’t focus on valuation growth.

That being said, if you are ambitious to change the music industry but also value creating a sustainable business, you are most welcome to start a conversation to invest in Drumap. Write to:


  1. We have 4,7 ratings on the stores (more than 1k ratings)
  2. More than 150k people download Drumap
  3. We have a 1,5% conversion to premium
  4. We won a Grammy foundation award
  5. Our actual investors are Raul’s previous managers
  6. Mariano Steimberg (drum professor at Berklee College of Music) is our Partner at Drum Coach
  7. We were selected by Habro Music (Brazil) as one of the most innovative music startups in 2022