Learn Samba Reggae Drumming:
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Learn drums with the best beats for playing Samba-Reggae. In Drumap app we have a collection of licksyou can use to learn to follow the most popular songs of the genre on drums. Available for all levels, from beginners to users with some experience.

Samba-Reggae is a vibrant musical genre that originated in the state of Bahia, Brazil. It stands as the most internationally recognized Brazilian percussive genre, often closely associated with the lively Batucada. Beyond being a creative musical expression, Samba-reggae embodies a profound political militancy, advocating for the rights and respect of Brazil's Black population.


As its name implies, Samba-reggae emerged from the fusion of Samba and Reggae. Its rhythmic character also bears strong influences from Funk, Merengue, Salsa, and Candombié. The visionary behind Samba Reggae was Neguinho do Samba (Antonio Luis Alves de Souza), who ingeniously blended various Afro-Brazilian musical expressions, including Ijexá, Samba, Alujá, and Forró.

Samba-reggae found its roots in the 70s but truly captured the hearts of the Brazilian public in the 80s with groups like Muzenza, Olundum, Ile Ayé, and the iconic Carlinhos Brown. The genre achieved global recognition when, in 1996, Michael Jackson collaborated with Oludum for “They Don’t Care About Us” in Salvador, effectively spreading the infectious rhythms of Samba-reggae worldwide.


The percussive ensemble of Samba-reggae typically comprises 4 Surdos, Caixa, Bacurinha, and Timbal. These instruments collectively create the irresistible Samba Reggae beat that resonates with enthusiasts worldwide.


surdo repique samba instrument mini logo in black


caixa instrument samba mini logo in black


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