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West-African music stands as one of the most captivating percussion genres globally, characterized by its intricate blend of Dundun ostinatos and the spontaneous, unpredictable phrases of the Djembe. This amalgamation creates a vibrant and dynamic sonority that resonates deeply with listeners.


West-African music, also known as Malinke or Mandinka, finds its roots in the people who are heirs to the great Mali Empire, spanning from the 113th to the 16th century A.C. In West-African culture, music is an ever-present force, whether it’s woven into rites of passage, religious ceremonies, or simply for the joy of it.

Since the slave trade has cruelly taken thousands of people from that region to other continents, the rhythms of the West-African left an indelible mark on Latin American genres such as Samba, Candomba, Rumba, Maracatu, and many others.


Among the array of instruments used in West-African music, the most prominent are the Djembe and the Dunduns (comprising the Donumba, Sangban, and Kenken). Dunduns can be played individually, with one musician per instrument, or in unison, setting the rhythmic foundation for dances and Djembe solos. The Djembe takes the lead role, with its high-pitched notes, setting the mood for the Dunduns and engaging in rhythmic dialogues with the dancers.


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References: For those eager to delve deeper into West African rhythms, styles, techniques, drumming patterns, and percussion, exploring the works of master drummers such as Famadou Knaté, Mamady Keita, Babatunde Olatunji, and Abdoulaye Diakité can offer invaluable insights.

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