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Explore a library with more than 10 thousand rhythms and enjoy a very intuitive music sheet editor.  Write and share your exercises with a great global rythmists community.

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About us

Drumap’s vision is to be a must-have app for every drummer / percussionist.
Our current focus is making music writing easier. We do this by utilising a simple, intuitive and unique technology. We connect rhythms and percussion communities around the world. We offer a free and dynamic library that represents the real percussive scene.


What they're saying about us

Completely meets my expectations! Very well designed and intuitive. Probably the best app of its kind. I use it for simple transcribing and listening to how things sound.

A fantastic app for sharing and learning Rhythms. The World will definitely benefit from access to Drumap.

Nice app that allows me to easily share new rhythms and ideas with my teammates, experiment with sound and get a lot of fresh inspiration. Keep on moving!

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