Learn and create drum beats.

⭐Grammy Academy awarded app to support music preservation.
⭐More than 150 thousand drum samples and percussive rhythms

Drumap is a simple intuitive app where drummers create, share, and learn drum beats and rhythms. It’s a great music tool for both beginners and experienced musicians. Drumap’s intuitive music score creator composes music, mainly percussive music like Samba groups, Marching Bands Drumlines, Drums grooves, and many others.


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We are proud to be one of the most well rated apps for drummers. 

Main features

  • Find and explore drum beats, loops, percussion samples and full music arrangements from thousands of musicians
  • Intuitive Music Score editor to write percussive music. 
  • Export and share your drum grooves in audio (mp3) and image (png, pdf).
  • Create private groups with students and bands
  • Organize all your music compositions in one place
  • Join groups of percussionists and drummers from all around the world
  • Adjust all groove’s speed changing the metronome bpm

Giant library of grooves

At Drumap, we believe in inclusion and diversity. That’s why we are building a tool that brings value to any music genre. You will find more than 100 thousand rhythms for different percussive instruments.

Rock – Jazz – Samba – Samba Reggae – Maracatu – Jongo – Chacarera – Sertanejo – Forró – Condombe – Bossa nova – Coco – Reggae – Malinke – Marching Band – Capoeira – Othes…

Easy Score Editor

We made a very easy-to-use music creator so that anyone can create music.  It’s like Musescore or Finale, but much easier. Or like Garageband but better for drummers and percussionists to create, share and learn from each other.

– Drum set – Electronic Drum kit – Cajon – Rumba instruments – Congas, Clave, Cowbell, Shaker, … – Samba instruments – Surdos, Repique, Caixa, Agogos, Rebolo, Pandeiro, … – Samba Reggae instruments – Timbal, Bacurinha, … – Marching band – Capoeira instruments – Berimbau viola, Berimbau Berra Boi, Berimbau Medio, Agogo, Pandeiro, Djembe(Atabaque) – And many others…

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