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Teaching in the pandemic: how did music teachers reinvent themselves?

Education in the Pandemic has become a challenge for any teacher, but what about drum teachers? How did they reinvent themselves in the pandemic?

That’s the question that doesn’t keep quiet: is it possible to teach drum lessons online? It may sound difficult, but not impossible. Two years ago, the challenges of this transition from offline to online emerged, and suddenly, face-to-face classes needed to be replaced by virtual classes.

Adapting to online and good internet access is essential for the virtual drum lessons to be well used. It is also necessary to manage time at home and be disciplined, as classes at home allow for a good nap instead of focusing on studies.

This is all part of an international pandemic context, and it is not by chance that the musicians also needed to adapt to virtual classes, even more without prior pedagogical and technological training.

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Oscar Podolski and David Cornejo – drum teachers – in an interview with Drumap, reported how it was to face the challenge of teaching online and how they adapted to the new style.

Oscar Podolski is Polish, born in southern Poland. He is 29 years old, a young father, and totally focused on playing the drums. Every day he has classes at his private school and plays in two rock and pop-rock bands.

For Podolski, in online drum lessons, he had to worry about equipment such as light, microphone, and good audio for the students. “Sometimes the microphone worked, sometimes we had problems… some disagreements happen, especially when the internet doesn’t work. But I think that online classes are often better for students than for teachers, as 100% of the attention is needed at that moment.”, says Podolski.

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When it comes to homework, virtual classes offer countless possibilities. “In online classes, we can write the notes on paper, take a photo and send it to the student to do the homework,” says Podolski.

David Cornejo, also a drum teacher, lives in Lima and New York. Before the pandemic, I was doing work, playing in various local bands, and making recordings. “I rented a studio to teach online.

That way I don’t disturb the neighbors at home with noise and I manage to have more equipment for the virtual classes.” Tell me, David.

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