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How to keep students motivated in online drum lessons

Learning drums isn’t that easy, but it can be fun and faster than we think. Each online drum lessons has a different plan, and you need to be aligned with it to achieve the goal you want.

The teaching plan is the most important thing to keep students motivated in online drum lessons. Remembering that setting goals is part of the plan.

But you might be asking yourself: how do you set these goals? How to motivate students? There is no magic formula, but there is a lot of dialogue and organization.

If we were to break it down into steps, the first step to keep students motivated in online drum lessons would be: organize a quarterly teaching plan with goals related to the student’s goal.

It is necessary to understand where the student wants to go by learning drums and what he is looking for with this learning. There are many students who just want to have fun, others want to be a great successful drummer. Realize that just for the purpose of each one, it is possible to set totally different goals that can lead them to achieve this dream or hobby.

When the teacher sets goals together with the student, the quarterly plan becomes easier, and the challenge is launched. The desire to learn is greater than anything else when it is clear what to learn and what steps to take from the first class to the last in the quarter plan. It’s like phases!

It is worth noting that if the student is in a hurry, this plan will be different, and the motivation must be much greater. The learning time will also depend on the performance of each one.

However, it is not only the plans, goals and objectives that arouse motivation for online drum lessons. Listening to different rhythms, being inspired by a drummer, and having tools that facilitate learning, puts the student ahead of many, not only because of the desire to learn but also because of the ease of organizing during so much knowledge.

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We cannot forget that part of the motivation also comes from the drum teacher. This one, with great care and attention, will teach the first steps to the new learner, sharing contents beyond what is explained in class.

That is, presenting drummer references to the student, creating content beyond the lessons, introducing him to the drum’s universe (little by little) for the learner to feel inside this musical community, which is incredible and full of infinite rhythmic possibilities.

Always remember to align learning with tools that support studies and facilitate organization when studying.

These tools can be apps, YouTube channels that make it easy to explain a new exercise, sounds of different rhythms to train your ears, different ways of playing, and much more.

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