You are currently viewing Drumap: an educational app for drummers and percussionists

Drumap: an educational app for drummers and percussionists

Have you ever wished you had a tool that could make music writing easier? So you should read about this. Drumap is a mobile app that was created for drummers and percussionists to organize their own rhythms and transcribe them in a simple and fast way. All of this in one single place. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the many ways you can use Drumap to facilitate your Drums learning and practicing. We will also detail each function the app offers so that you can take the most out of it. 

Here you can see how the Drumap app works in both, iPhone and Android’s. 

Finally, we will also share with you a bit of Drumap’s backstage and history. You will learn how we took a crazy idea to an app with thousands of musicians using every day, all around the world.

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  • More about Drumap.
  • For whom this app can be used? 
  • How Drumap App works? 
  • What are the benefits that Drumap App offers?
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More about Drumap App

Drumap is an educational app to edit music scores. it was developed by professional musicians and developers, with the intent to make music writing easy. The mission was to let people write and share music without any music theory background. 

And know what? this crazy idea led Drumap to win a  “Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation” prize for its potential to preserve music. 

More than just a music writing app, Drumap brought innovative ideas for learning music and practicing your instrument.

In Drumap you will find I huge worldwide community of rhythmists that are creating and sharing amazing grooves and rhythmic patterns on a daily basis.

You will find more than 30 thousand rhythm patterns for different genres such as Samba, Maracatu, Rock, Salsa, and also for many instruments such as Drums, Cajon, Agogo, Berimbau, Surdos, and more.

Is Drumap made for you?

If you are a drummer or a percussionist, regardless of your expertise, you need to know this app. But there’s a sort of people that could be interested in Drumap tools:

  • Percussionists
  • Drummers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Music makers
  • Music and rythm lovers

Drumap helps musicians from their first notes to a very advanced level. Teachers, for example, usually use Drumap to share drum exercises with their students.

Picture this: you ask your student to practice an advanced drum groove, so you send the link of the groove written in Drumap and she will be able to play with it, edit the tempo or even add or remove notes.

In addition, teachers also use the app as a notebook since they can create a shared space within the app to add their class notes and exercises. 

Students will be also motivated to navigate through the app and find new rhythmic patterns to learn and practice. Drumap’s music writing system is super intuitive and doesn’t depend on knowing music theory beforehand. 


about drumap seção baixe o aplicativo

Lot of possibilities for musicians

Another example of usage possibility of Drumap App. Advanced musicians and music composers use the app to create new pieces.

Imagine if you need to create an arrangement for a percussive Samba group, you would just need to add the instruments to the score and start trying ideas. Once you have it sounding great, you can just share it with the whole band so they can practice before the rehearsal. 

Finally, one last way many drummers and percussionists using the app is as a play-along. They find or create other’s grooves and use the app as a powerful and complete metronome. Much more musical than a tik-tok-tok-tok. 

Drumap is very intuitive. On the home screen, you will quickly find the option to search for grooves, create new shared collections, or create your own beats. 

Summarizing, which benefits Drumap App offers?

Despite already approaching a lot of incredible points about the app, here we are going to detach and compile the main benefits Drumap offers you:

  • To write music: You can write rhythmic grooves and patterns easily, regardless of your skill level, and in a very fast and intuitive way. Drumap works like a teaching-learning tool for students and teachers. In one single place, you can teach basic rhythms, organize your classes notes, and assign homework. 
  • To practice: You can use it as a metronome or play along to practice your instruments.
  • Organize rhythms: You can organize your own compositions, exercises in private or to share libraries.
  • Share grooves: You can share any groove or rhythmic pattern with anyone inside or outside the app. Either as an image (PDF; JPG), audio (MP3), or a link to the original music score file.
  • World connections: You will be connected with drummers and percussionists from all over the world, learning from their creations and exchanging knowledge. Explore and get inspired!

How Drumap App Works? 

Drumap has a “freemium” model, which means that it has a free and premium version. The free version is very robust and you can find most of all functionalities listed above.

But if you want to go beyond and enable its full power, you can subscribe to Drumap PRO. You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription, both with very affordable prices. 

Next, you can see a tutorial about how to use Drumap app:

Drumap works in almost all kinds of Android and IOS mobiles and tablets. Here is what you must do to download Drumap:

How to install Drumap on iPhone and iPad

For you, that has an iPhone or iPad and would like to download Drumap on your device, see how the process is easy:

Open the App Store clicking here and download the app, the way it is shown in the image below: 

how to make download drumap apple store

How to install Drumap on Android?

If you have an Android device, you can also do the same process. Open the Play Store and download the app, like it is shown in the image below:

Who is behind Drumap App?

about drumap fundadores davi e raul

Drumap was created by a Brazilian drummer and music lover called Raul Rodrigues. It all started with a personal dream: to know everything about worldwide percussive music.

So, for months, Raul was traveling around many countries around the world. Exploring and understanding more about his dreams and new toughts: democratize the teaching of music.

Now, Drumap is already a reality. Actually, it is going on a way that needs to share its benefits with all music lovers. That’s why a huge number of interested users brings Drumap won important prizes such as: Grammy, Sonar, SIM and Music Talks.

What people are saying about Drumap?

So, nobody is better to describe an app than their own users, isn’t it? In the app’s store on your mobile, you can find all the ratings and reviews done by the Drumap users, check it ou.

But also, we will share some of these testimonials here:

This app has helped me a lot to train drums. Sometimes we read a chord, but we don’t know if we’re exactly right. This app solves this.

Wilson Maraes

“Excellent app… now we can save our arrangements and show them to our drums!!! Here we go!!!”

RRS Kurunga

…very practical and very useful for listening, writing, and chill

Martin Giannini

Product warranty: try it with no risk

Drumap can be tested during a 7 days period. If you don’t like it, we return your investment.

If you still didn’t do it, download Drumap right now and be welcome to the largest percussive community in the world.

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