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Our story and the people behind it

Our story

Our vision is to democratize music theory study. This idea started during a great journey around the world where Raul – Drumap’s founder, realised that music should belong to everybody.

This is our mission. We are going to make music theory accessible and intuitive. This is how we came up with Drumap – a simple and unique tool for those who would like to write percussion music. And it is only the beginning.

How everything has started in Drumap?

It all started with a dream. In addition to the dream of living with what music can provide, whenever there was a musical curiosity that made me travel the world. I intended to learn everything I could about worldwide percussive music.
I went through so many countries and got to know so much musicality that I couldn’t help but think: it’s necessary to democratize the teaching of music.
In general, music theory classes are usually not very stimulating or playful. And as a student and also a former teacher, I always thought of ways to streamline musical studies.
When traveling around the world, decide not to think anymore, but to do something so that that thought becomes real. It was then that I decidedly joined a group of professionals who developed an idea of democratizing the study of music together with me.
It took months of hard work until we released the first version, very simple and full of bugs! But it definitely didn’t matter, this was a dream come true.

foto malinke seção sobre a drumap
about drumap fundadores davi e raul

Now we had the challenge of testing our app. The most important thing, then, was whether, in fact, the application would be useful, as we wanted it to be, for music students and teachers. As for all rhythm lovers.

After some time our dream was shared by hundreds of people, that is, we knew that the tool was really useful.

At that moment, we had a validation, we had our idea implemented. But even harder than creating the app is making it eternal!

However, thanks to a large number of interested users and the success of the idea, we won important prizes such as Grammy, Sonar, SIM, and Music Talks.

And now we want to share this amazing tool around the world! We hope groove lovers can enjoy everything we can offer.

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Team Members

foto fundador drumap raul
Raul Rodrigues CEO and Founder
Drummer and percussionist, in love with afro-brazilian music and Jazz. Founder of a couple of music businesses until the day when he dreamed about making music learning available for all and created Drumap.
Gilad Gotman CTO
Drummer, passionate about creating products that connect Music and Technology. Joined Drumap to pursue that passion after working for more than 10 years in companies in all sizes.
foto davi drumap
Davi Mota Tech Research
Musician, Programmer, Researcher... trying to make it all come together. Ph.D. in Music Technology, investigating why rhythm moves people and how we can use technology to boost this connection.


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