New Drumap

We redesigned the app for a better learning and community experience around different music genres and percussive instruments.

Our big thanks to you that have being using Drumap and sending feedbacks!
We wish this change will support even more your music journey.

If you want to stay tuned and help us design the next steps of the app:

What is new

1. Look and Feel

Now the app has total different design system (colors, spacing, fonts…) and the theme is dark. All this makes it more satisfying to navigate and discover new music. 😎

2. Areas for genres and instruments

We discovered that people are connected by their instruments or music genres. This is why now we have dedicated paged for each.
At each page you will see information about that topic and selected top rhythms.
💡Tip: select your preferred topics to see them first in the list.

3. Faster navigation around the app

With the bottom navigation bar you can just easily between exploring topics, your stuff, and creating new rhythms.

What’s coming next

Stay tuned cause there are many amazing features coming soon, for example:

  1. Groups and Playlists
    We will transform the actual collections into Groups and playlists. This way you can better organize your students, bands, and grooves.

  2. Teachers
    You will finally be able to connect to carefully selected teachers inside Drumap

  3. Learning content
    You will also be able to learn the bases of all genres and instruments by following recorded courses.

Thanks for being part of Drumap’s community.

If you want to stay tuned and help us design the next steps of the app.