How to play Samba on Drum-set: Advanced Techniques

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Today’s focus is on understanding how to play Samba on a drum-set at an advanced level. The art of playing Samba on the drum-set embodies the intricate fusion of a multitude of percussive instruments adapted for a single drum-set. As you embark on this journey, the unique coordination challenges that arise present a wealth of opportunities for both technical and musical development.

Decoding the Advanced Concepts

Our newest playlist on the Drumap App is dedicated to those keen on learning how to play Samba on a drum-set with more complexity and flair. We delve into techniques that boost your independence and creativity, allowing you to truly engage and “dialogue” with the melody, reminiscent of the spontaneous performances of a tamborim player in traditional Samba environments.

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In that playlist you find 3 different approaches when playing samba on the drum kit:

1. Batucada Decomposed

Inspired by Oscar Bolão: Celebrated for his versatility, Oscar Bolão has collaborated with luminaries like Elizeth Cardoso, Paulo Moura, and Jards Macalé. His genius lies in harmonizing traditional Brazilian beats with contemporary flair. In this rhythm, we dissect Batucada, fusing patterns innovatively. As you play Samba on a drum-set, the bass drum animates the diverse surdo patterns, and the tons enrich it with an evocative texture. Dive deep into coordination, resonating with the intricate exchanges found among various Samba instruments.

2. Fast Samba

Inspired by Kiko Freitas: A true son of Brazilian melodies, Kiko Freitas has illuminated stages alongside legends like João Bosco, Milton Nascimento, and Frank Gambale. Crowned as the Best Drummer in World Music by Modern Drummer Magazine in 2019, Fast Samba presents a robust groove.

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As you play Samba on a drum-set, the ride and snare synchronize, echoing the heartbeat of an Escola de Samba. Meanwhile, the bass drum, influenced by surdo variations, infuses depth and tempo. Engage in an adrenaline-filled session of speed and accuracy, spotlighting the chocalho’s upbeat accents and the ceaseless interplay of melody and rhythm.

3. Loose Samba

Inspired by Tutty Moreno: Originating from Salvador, Bahia, Tutty Moreno embarked on his distinguished musical journey early in life. Sharing stages with giants like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, and Joyce, his style is vividly expressive. Loose Samba showcases a melodic rhythm, lighter in its essence. Instead of adhering to traditional combinations, the tamborim pattern scatters across the drum components as you play Samba on a drum-set. This rhythm emphasizes feeling the intervals between the notes, resonating with the improvisational character of the tamborim in classic Samba scenarios.

To wrap up the playlist, you will face a comprehensive arrangement challenge, urging you to synthesize all the advanced techniques of how to play Samba on a drum-set that you’ve practiced.

Check our specialized Samba on Drum-set playlist: Advanced Techniques. Go to app

Join the Beat Revolution

When you play Samba on a drum-set, each beat narrates stories of history, culture, and undying passion. I invite you to dive deeper, joining our “Master-ing Samba” community on the Drumap App. Let’s collectively hone our skills, learn, and keep the vibrant essence of Samba alive and resonating.

In rhythm and resonance,

Pedrinho Augusto

About the author: Pedrinho Augusto, a luminary in Brazilian music, has shared stages with legends like Gilberto Gil and Dominguinhos. An esteemed member of the Drumap community, Pedrinho turns every rhythmic pattern into a soulful conversation.

Until our next rhythmic exploration, immerse yourself in the intricate beats, patterns, and melodious interactions that come when you master how to play Samba on a drum-set. Check out our specialized Samba for drum-set playlist.

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